Review: 20th Century Fox to release Christmas film ‘One Million Colin Firths’

Review: 20th Century Fox to release Christmas film ‘One Million Colin Firths’

Atlantic Canada — For those of us clamouring for another Bridget Jones flick or a sequel to the timeless classic Love Actually comes the instant family favourite One Million Colin Firths just in time for the holidays.

The film centres on a 50-something skeptic and ER doctor (Firth) who is simultaneously in the throes of lust for his administrative assistant (Firth) and dying of a need to learn the true meaning of Christmas from Santa himself (Firth).

OMCFs is not without its tragedies: Firth’s love interest (spoiler alert!) befalls a vaguely described form of cancer. Firth labours each night after his shift ends, seemingly against all hope, in his apartment’s laboratory to discover a cure. Due to the difficult themes brought up by this subplot, this film is not recommended for children under 12.

The film managed to receive a PG rating from the MPAA despite the choice to include a particularly salacious scene in which a nude Firth argues with a nude female Firth. The argument turns physical when male nude Firth barely catches a left hook from female nude Firth causing them to reach an impasse wherein they lock gazes and slowly edge toward what is perhaps the most satisfying cinematic kiss of the year.

Firth is already expected to receive 2 Academy Award nominations for Best Actor for the principal roles as well as at least 1 Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role as Tanisha, a young girl stricken with cystic fibrosis who assumes the best friend and confidante role to Firth. It is Tanisha, a beloved and feisty figure in the children’s ward, who uses all of her clout with Santa to wish for Firth to be imbued with the holiday spirit.

Have Kleenex at the ready as this film plays emotions like a mandolin. Theatre-goers are encouraged to wear Colin Firth masks at each screening to enhance their experience.

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