Fredericton woman thinks Brian Gallant sucks, until she sees him

Fredericton woman thinks Brian Gallant sucks, until she sees him

Fredericton — Gabriella Myers was always told to not judge a book by its cover, but she had never before seen a cover as beautiful as that of Brian Gallant.

Myers was, until recently, an avid Gallant-hater and often voiced her negative opinions of the premier on social media outlets, blogs, roadside signs and even self-created T-shirts, which she sold every weekend at the Boyce Farmers’ Market in downtown Fredericton.

“I’m not normally one to watch the news,” she confessed. “I usually stick to reading opinion pieces on the Internet and just following the bills that are brought up in the legislature. Based solely on the actions of Premier Gallant, I couldn’t stand him — but then someone posted a picture of him on one of my Facebook rants and I was floored by how good-looking he was.”

The transformation took place Friday morning when Myers took to Facebook to voice her support for an article published by CBC about New Brunswick’s Green Party Leader David Coon’s negative reaction  toward a new Gallant-supported transit deal in the Picture Province.

“I thought Coon hit the nail right on the head in that article,” she recalled. “Then one of my Facebook friends posted a compelling rebuttal to my argument against Gallant — a picture of his beautiful face. I feel silly about it now, but I had based all of my opinions on the premier on his stupid policies. Never once did I take the time to consider what he looked like. After seeing that picture, I re-read the CBC article and realized that Coon is an idiot.”

Larry Paulson is the aforementioned friend who helped Myers change her skewed view of New Brunswick’s handsome leader.

“I know Gabby and how thoughtful she is with her political views at times, and I just wanted to help her,” said a sympathetic Paulson. “I just figured if she was saying all of this negative stuff about Premier Gallant, she must not know how good-looking he is, so I did what I felt was the right thing and showed her the truth.”

Paulson told The Manatee that he immediately received a Facebook message from Myers thanking him for helping her see the light.

“She was really humble about the whole thing,” he continued. “She told me that she hated him for totally non-superficial reasons like his support of the Energy East pipeline, or for cutting the tuition rebate for graduates, but never just sat back at looked at him as an object, rather than a government official who was responsible for the well-being of our province. I was just trying to help Gabby be responsible.”

Myers admitted to our reporter that she was embarrassed by her previous actions and opinions concerning Gallant. She has vowed to make things right going forward.

“I mean, I still think his ideas are pretty dumb,” she reflected. “But, he’s pretty hot — so it’s all right.”

First on Myers’ list of ways to right her wrong? Making new T-shirts that should be a big hit at the market.

“My old shirts just had words on them,” she said while holding up her top-seller, which simply had the word “Gallant” with a giant X through it. “But I know that no one in New Brunswick likes to read, or they simply can’t. So, my new shirts are just going to have the most beautiful symbol of New Brunswick that I could possibly think of — Brain Gallant’s face.”

Myers went on to tell our reporter that she will do whatever she can to avoid a similar mistake in the future and will always “judge a book only by its cover — no matter how stupid the words inside are.”

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