New Brunswickers try to create own version of ‘Trailer Park Boys,’ fail

New Brunswickers try to create own version of ‘Trailer Park Boys,’ fail

Hanwell — A group of New Brunswick men from Hanwell Trailer Park near Fredericton recently tried to create their own version of the hugely popular Nova Scotia-based show Trailer Park Boys, and not surprisingly, failed miserably after a mere 3 episodes.

“‘White Trash Guys’ was doomed from the start,” said Twila Donovan, a neighbour who couldn’t help but witness the men’s pathetic attempts at filming. “Instead of Julian, Ricky and Bubbles, they called their characters ‘Julius,’ ‘Rocky’ and ‘Bobbles’ — like, come on guys… as if the name of your crappy knockoff show wasn’t bad enough. I’m just glad they stopped before the real Trailer Park Boys sued them for trademark infringement.”

The Manatee managed to sneak into the trailer park to watch the filming of the show’s final episode before the group realized how stupid the idea was and shut the whole thing down. What our reporter saw was astoundingly unoriginal, even by New Brunswick standards.

In Trailer Park Boys, J-Roc, played by Jonathan Torrens, is a white rapper who thinks he’s black. He spouts catch phrases like “Know what I’m sayin?” and has a posse called The Rock Pile. “In White Trash Guys, a black guy thinks he’s white,” quoted another neighbour. “Geniuses,” he added, rolling his eyes.

Instead of drunk trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey carrying on with the shirtless, cheeseburger-loving Randy, the “White Trash Guys” filmed their actual real-life trailer park supervisor, Jeff Landry, against his will. Landry told The Manatee that most of the footage is of him watching television with his cat.

Rather than a ragtag group of “bottle kids” who sporadically break bottles over unsuspecting park residents, “White Trash Guys” boasts “can children” who throw empty cans of Alpine at the protagonists, to little effect.

The White Trash Guys did succeed in convincing Michael Jackson, the actual actor who played Trevor on Trailer Park Boys, to make a cameo appearance as himself. Jackson agreed on the terms that he be given his very own pepperoni sticks and cigarettes, and that no one steal his shirt or pants for the duration of the episode.

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil got wind of White Trash Guys and emailed us his comments:

“It’s symptomatic of the province of New Brunswick to simply take a successful, profitable television franchise based right here in Nova Scotia and just try to absorb it and make it their own. Whether it’s donairs, the Bay of Fundy, lobster fishing, or the saying ‘the way she goes,’ New Brunswickers’ hackneyed attempts at appropriating Nova Scotia’s cultural icons are just sad. We pity them.”

The Manatee approached Robb Wells, who plays Ricky on Trailer Park Boys, to hear his thoughts on the ripoff. “It’s a total knockoff — anyone can see that,” he said, lighting two smokes. “Just leave it to New Brunswick, eh? Can’t they get their own shit?”

It seems that New Brunswickers can’t get their own shit, because the pilot of “White Trash Guys” had only 4 views when it aired on Bell Aliant TV1 last week.

Season 10 of Trailer Park Boys is available to watch as of today on Netflix.

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