‘Gah, summer has gone too fast,’ laments woman in middle of her third ‘Friends’ binge

‘Gah, summer has gone too fast,’ laments woman in middle of her third ‘Friends’ binge

Saint John — As August draws to a close, teachers, students and seasonal workers alike prepare to return to their usual fall grind. Many of them, however, are disappointed that they have not been able to achieve all that they had hoped to these past few months.

One such person, Gabrielle Vautour, a third-year engineering student at UNB, told The Manatee that she feels this summer “has just flown by,” a sentiment she expressed while five seasons deep into her third Friends binge since June.

“It’s really startling how fast the summer has gone. I didn’t get to do half of the things I wanted to this year,” she said, releasing a soft chuckle as she watched Monica dance while wearing a Thanksgiving turkey on her head.

Considering that there are just 10 days left to enjoy her vacation, does she really feel that yet anther run-through of the popular sitcom is the best use of her time?

“Best use of my time?” she echoed. “I should think so. Do you people actually read the news, or just report it? It was all over Twitter — they’re removing it from the service in 2021.”

Wait a minute…isn’t that The Office?

“They’re taking The Office off Netflix!?” she cried incredulously, turning to slap her boyfriend on the arm. “Jesus Christ, David — put it on the list! We need to rewatch that immediately.”

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