Gallant visiting lieutenant-governor to watch ‘The Walking Dead’ premiere

Gallant visiting lieutenant-governor to watch ‘The Walking Dead’ premiere

Fredericton — New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant revealed today that he is paying a visit to the lieutenant-governor, but it’s not for the reason some political pundits are wishing for.

Many thought that the premier’s media advisory about his visit to Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau may herald an early election. However, Gallant clarified on Monday morning that they are just watching the season premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead on the lieutenant-governor’s PVR.

“Jocelyne and I are Walking Dead superfans!” said the premier, speaking in full-zombie makeup. “We like to go all out, so much so that this year we hired professional makeup artists to ‘zombify’ us. We wanted to share this with New Brunswickers, thinking they might get a kick out of it.

“We didn’t mean to trigger all of this election speculation,” the premier confessed. “Jeez, can’t two buds just hang out in full zombie makeup and enjoy the season premiere of the most popular series on cable television? Why does everything have to be about politics?”

Gallant and Roy-Vienneau plan to use an LCD projector to screen the show a wall, immersing themselves in a “theatre-like” experience. While the logistics have taken some extra time to arrange, Gallant thinks it will be worth the wait.

“I have struggled to stay ‘spoiler-free’, avoiding all social media and Internet chat groups. I haven’t looked at my phone since 10 p.m. last night. Hopefully I’m not missing anything big at work!”

Roy-Vienneau and Gallant plan to take “zombie selfies” with show fans at a press briefing at 11:30 a.m.

“It took 10 hours in the makeup chair to look like this,” said Gallant. “Seeing pathetic undead creatures lumbering around town in search of food isn’t something you do everyday.

“That is, unless you’re from St. Stephen I suppose…”

N.B. Premier Brian Gallant in his “The Walking Dead” zombie makeup.

Lieutenant-Governor Jocelyne Roy-Vienneau, in special effects makeup.



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