Moncton woman relives teenage years by spending Saturday night home alone

Moncton woman relives teenage years by spending Saturday night home alone

Moncton — No kids, no husband, and no responsibilities for the night meant that Sheila Goodine had the chance to relive her youth and do what she did every single Saturday night during her high school years — stay at home alone, watching a movie.

“Well, my husband took our kids away for a hockey tournament for the night,” Goodine recalled, “and, lately I’ve been feeling a little old, I guess. I’m always tired, I’m always busy and I’m just always doing grownup type things like laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning. This was a great chance for me to reconnect to my teenage self.”

Goodine said a Google search led her to a BuzzFeed article listing the top eight ways to get out of a mid-life funk.

“Number one on the list was to do what you did when you were 17 on a Saturday night,” she detailed, “and I remember my teenage years so clearly — they were the worst years of my life. I spent every single Saturday night alone at home watching movies. And even though I was sad about it back then, nowadays it’s a real dream come true.”

The 36-year-old mother of two told our reporter that unlike in her teenage years, she did get a few invites from her friends to do other things, but decided that she had no interest in hitting the town, getting some drinks, or putting on pants. Instead, she ate ice cream and watched a bad movie on Netflix.

“It was just some generic romantic comedy where the guy and girl fall in love, break up due to some misunderstanding, realize their love for each other and get back together minutes before one of them leaves forever — probably the best movie I’ve ever seen, actually.”

We asked Goodine whether she recalls why she was always left alone during her high school years. She mainly blamed acne, a bad perm and low self-esteem, but now that those hurdles are behind her, she would choose being alone on a Saturday night over pretty much anything.

“Want to get dressed up, put on too much makeup, spend a fortune on drinks and listen to loud, terrible music?” she asked sarcastically. “Ummmm, no, that actually sounds terrible. I think I’d rather stab my eyes with toothpicks than having to stay up past 10 o’clock, thanks.”

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