Gallant wedding expected to create more than 15 jobs for New Brunswickers

Gallant wedding expected to create more than 15 jobs for New Brunswickers

Fredericton — Premier Brian Gallant announced his engagement via Twitter on Monday morning, and the only ones happier than the premier’s dog Blaze are New Brunswick job-seekers.

By the time Gallant and his fiancée Karine Lavoie eventually tie the knot, their engagement period and wedding will have created more than 15 jobs, according to

“So much work goes into a wedding, and this will no doubt be a lavish, expensive one, needing all hands on deck,” said Post-secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Donald Arseneault. “This is great news not only for Blaze, but also for literally dozens of unemployed photographers, wedding planners, DJs, cooks, caterers, choreographers, seamstresses, videographers, pastry chefs, farmers, food vendors, musicians, priests — hell, pretty much everyone in the province has a shot at this thing.

“Officially, I can only say that 15 jobs will be created, but I always double the number before I submit to the NB Jobs site. It just looks better on me that way.”

The tentative jobs have already been added to the site, prompting New Brunswickers to spruce up their resumés and vie for a coveted Gallant-Lavoie wedding position.

“My E.I. is set to run out pretty soon here, so I’m hoping I get hired on to wait tables during the reception,” said unemployed waiter John McKnight of Fredericton. “I know it’s months away, but it’d be nice to be able to bank on a good job like that. Plus I could brag to everyone that I work for Gallant.”

Gallant said that, as much as he loves his home, realistically most of the work for his nuptials will be contracted out to bigger, better provinces, such as Ontario or Quebec.

“Well I might hire a New Brunswick tailor or something,” he said, “but, like, don’t hold your breath or anything… I’m not really the committal type.”

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