Sandwich artists understand TD employees, forced to offer ‘extra cheese or bacon’

Sandwich artists understand TD employees, forced to offer ‘extra cheese or bacon’

Atlantic Canada — “Would you like to add extra cheese or bacon?” is a question Canadians from coast to coast answer without a thought when buying a sub.

However, in light of a CBC report released last week revealing that TD Bank employees are pressured to meet unreasonably high sales goals in dishonest fashions, many Subway sandwich artists have stepped forward in solidarity, saying they’ve been forced to ask customers the aforementioned question for far too long.

An anonymous Subway employee explained: “We are required to ask every customer if they want extra cheese or bacon, and we get a commission for every ‘extra’ they add. Some of these customers don’t realize there is an extra charge for it until they get to the cashier, and at that point they’re just hungry and want their sub.”

This policy has been described by critics as specifically targeting seniors and obese customers, the employee went on to admit. “In some instances I’ve added extra cheese or bacon without even asking and charged them to help boost my sales. The seniors are confused or don’t realize, and the obese seem to be indifferent because after all, they did get more cheese and bacon…”

We reached out to Subway Canada for comment, and they released the following statement: “Subway has a long history of providing great customer service. We do that by listening and responding to our employees and our customers and we’ll continue to do so. Regardless of our sales incentives, employees must still abide by our code of ethics. We stand by our policy to offer customers ‘extra cheese and bacon’ on their sandwiches.”

Psychologically, it’s clear the policy has taken a toll on employees, as another Subway employee lamented. “I feel guilty asking some of our larger customers who I can clearly see should not be adding extra cheese or bacon to their sandwiches.

“There’s no way they’re going to say no to more of anything,” she added, wiping away tears.

Although the sandwich artists concede they will continue to follow company policy and ask customers “the question,” their goal in coming forward is to make customers aware of the hidden costs that can surprise them at the cash.

“We’re not forcing anyone to say yes, but I mean… who in their right mind would really ever say no to extra cheese or bacon?…”

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