‘Ghost Hunters’ season to investigate popular dating apps

‘Ghost Hunters’ season to investigate popular dating apps

Fredericton — Anticipation builds for the newest season of Ghost Hunters, set to air this month. The popular series, which has been on and off the air since 2004, has explored a wide variety of supposed ghost hotspots. Now, however, the series turns to investigate a place closer to the hearts of modern youth: modern dating apps such as Tinder, Grindr and Bumble.

Viewers are excited for the new season, with many claiming that, more than ever before, the show has the potential to provide insight as to what could be happening in their own lives.

“Where do all these people who were supposedly ‘down to fuck’ go?” said graduate student Stavroula, 24. “They can’t all have exams they need to study for tomorrow — that’s bullshit. There’s definitely something going on here that needs more explanation, that’s for sure. In fact, with the number of times it’s happened to me, I think it could be something…paranormal.”

“A dude stopped talking to me and I thought he died or something. The next day, I saw him at the bar making out with somebody else!” said another Ghost Hunters fan, Nina, 21. “That can’t be real.”

“Yeah, I was definitely a skeptic. I figured ghosting stories were just made up by less attractive people, but then it happened to me,” said first-year grad student, Colin, 24.  “A guy I met on Grindr broke a date because he didn’t know where the Starbucks was!! A gay that can’t find a Starbucks? Try explaining that with mainstream science!”

“This season has the potential for some surprises,” said one of the show’s producers, Tony, 39. “Could it be that, maybe, the era of dating apps and the internet has ushered in a new type of ghost — the virtual ghost? Now we aren’t talking Pac-Man’s enemies here, we’re talking something more sinister.

“To find out, catch the season premier next month!”

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