‘Git Up’-related injuries overwhelming hospitals

‘Git Up’-related injuries overwhelming hospitals

New Brunswick — Horizon Health Network is encouraging New Brunswickers to use extreme caution when listening to hit music this summer.

One chart-topping “country rap” song is the source of a dramatic increase in serious injuries overwhelming New Brunswick hospitals in recent weeks.

“Generally speaking, most New Brunswickers are out of shape and haven’t done any intense physical activity for several years,” said Horizon spokesperson Whitney Le Brun in a news release. “We’ve had hundreds of reports of New Brunswickers trying to do ‘The Git-Up’ dance and suffering severe injuries as a result.

“At this time, we are advising the public to immediately stop attempting to ‘git-up’ and to consult your family physician before attempting any fun new dances.”

Horizon’s news release outlines areas of specific risk when attempting to git up:

  • Grabbing your loved ones or love partners should only be done with explicit prior consent and notification;
  • Even with permission from your family doctor, allow for a rest period between doing the two-step then the cowboy boogie;
  • Watch for signs of vertigo or dizziness when grabbing your sweetheart and spinning out with ’em;
  • You can do the hoedown, but don’t get into it (whoo, whoo, whoo);
  • Gon’ throw down and taking a sip with it is perfectly fine in moderation;
  • After stretching and a warm-up, leaning back is safe but under no circumstances put your hips in it without a doctor’s supervision.

Horizon Health Network also recommends talking with a medical professional prior to knockin’ boots and transporting horses down old town roads.

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