Dennis Oland accepts reward for info toward solving Oland murder

Dennis Oland accepts reward for info toward solving Oland murder

Saint John — It was announced this morning that somebody has already accepted the Oland family’s reward for information concerning the murder of patriarch Richard Oland. That person, oddly enough, has been revealed to be the victim’s son, Dennis Oland.

While this was not the outcome people where expecting after the family announced yesterday that they would be offering the reward, Oland says that the information he will be providing is “incredibly valuable.” 

“I know what time it happened, what weapon was used, and what body of water they can fish it out of,” he said. “That’s more than enough bang for their buck, I think.”

Critics of the the move are baffled by Oland’s desire to take the reward, especially considering the funds are provided by his own kin.

“No, no, it’s perfect,” he said. “Getting my hands on the family money was what this whole thing was about in the first place.”

“This thing,” of course, being the murder of his father, Richard Oland, which Dennis was convicted of in 2015 before winning a non-guilty verdict upon appeal last month.

Although the acceptance of this money amounts to a tacit acceptance of guilt on his part, Oland says that he is unconcerned about any civil repercussions he could face from his uncle or cousins.

“Nah,” he said, practising his swing with the Louisville Slugger he keeps tucked away in his office. “I’m not too worried about any petty arguments that might arise with my family.”

More to the point, wouldn’t this admission bring about legal consequences? Oland told The Manatee that, contrary to what one might expect, that is not the case.

“It’s like in that movie…uh, what’s it…oh — Double Jeopardy! With Tommy Lee Jones, right?” he said. “Double jeopardy means that I can’t be charged twice for the same offence…isn’t that neat?

“I’ll take tycoons not going to jail for $30,000,000, Alex,” he said, with a wink and a wide grin.

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