Green MP forced to join Liberals after losing arm wrestle with Trudeau

Green MP forced to join Liberals after losing arm wrestle with Trudeau

Fredericton — Former Fredericton Green MP Jenica Atwin announced Thursday that she would be leaving the Green Party to join the Liberals after losing in an arm wrestle with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“I didn’t want to abandon all my constituents who voted me in as a member of the Greens, but I made a promise to Justin, and I stand by my promises. The most recent ones, anyway,” said Atwin, in an interview with The Manatee’s political correspondent.

Atwin explained that Trudeau saw the infighting among members of the Green Party and took advantage of the situation to further split their ranks. “Justin challenged me to an arm wrestle and said that if I lost, I’d have to join the Liberals. But if I won, he’d actually put electoral reform in place. I thought it was worth the risk,” said Atwin.

Atwin announced the move on Facebook in a post that has garnered much criticism from former supporters who say they feel betrayed and misled.

“I can’t believe you’d go to the Liberals! They’re basically watered-down Conservatives!” said Debra Maguire of Fredericton. “And what’s worse, I actually thought you were the kind of woman who could handle her own in an arm wrestle and not lose to a sissy like Trudeau!”

Liberal Party supporters were smugly commenting congratulatory messages on the post.

“Yay, congrats Jenica! Now you’re in a party that can finally make actual change!” said a condescending Joey Hebb of Nashwaaksis. “And maybe if you’re lucky our boy Justin can give you some workout tips so you don’t lose next time, LOL!!!”

Trudeau himself deigned to speak to The Manatee about the headline-grabbing floor-crossing.

“Jen never stood a chance against me. Have you seen the photo of me shirtless? Or me planking on my desk? Or taken a look at my OnlyFans account?” said Trudeau, noticeably trying to flex his pecs under his dress shirt.

“Forget Palestine, forget the environment, forget human rights and all that crap. What politics really boils down to is strength of will and body. And Jenica just couldn’t measure up to mine. And if you’re mad about it, go whining to the New Brunswick NDP party — oh wait!”

Trudeau ended the interview by issuing an open challenge to Green Party Leader Annamie Paul.

“You want your MP back, Annamie? Arm wrestle me for it. If you win, you can have her back. If I win, you have to support me on the Trans Mountain pipeline project.”




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