Guy updates profile pic 6 times before finding ‘the one’

Guy updates profile pic 6 times before finding ‘the one’

Bridgewater — Nova Scotia man Zack Morrison, 28, had a hard time Tuesday evening deciding which photo to make his Facebook profile picture, according to sources, who say he updated it 6 times in under half an hour.

“At 7:16 p.m. I noticed he changed it from a photo of him with his ex-girlfriend, Kayla, to him with his new one, Jessica something-or-other,” said Facebook friend Mike McKay. “Then at 7:26 I got a notification saying he’d updated it to a group shot of him with a bunch of guys at a resort in Mexico. He updated it like 4 more times before leaving it as a bathroom selfie… he looked like a douchebag in that photo but I guess he thought it came off as serious and sexy. Let’s see… that was at 7:41.”

A Manatee reporter crept up behind Morrison as he was taking the last of the aforementioned bathroom selfies. “That’s it — that’s the one,” he said after adding a filter to make himself look slimmer and more tanned. “This one’s gonna rack up the likes. People love selfies,” he stated, gazing at his own face on his iPhone 7.

We asked Morrison what made him decide to update his image on social media, and why he felt the need to tweak it so many times.

“Profile pics are like women — you need to run through 6 or 7 of them before you find one that perfectly complements you and checks all your boxes,” he mused. “And I guess your cover photo would be like a really good side piece.”

Morrison explained that it’s important to carefully select a profile picture that’s flattering, but that also doesn’t seem too thought-out or planned. “If you’re lifting weights or bungee jumping, that’ll make people think you’re more interesting or adventurous, but it’s also trying pretty hard. So I prefer the classic selfie — it’s more honest.”

At press time, Morrison was stealing time at work to change his cover photo 8 times, finally settling on a black-and-white picture of him leaning against his brother’s 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe.

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