Top 10 New Brunswick dad jokes

Top 10 New Brunswick dad jokes

New Brunswick — Are you a New Brunswick father who wants to impress his children with wit and charm? Well, The Manatee is here to help you out with our top 10 jokes for the New Brunswick dad.

Child: I’m so tired of the government ruining our education system.

Dad: Hi, ‘I’m so tired of the government ruining our education system,’ I’m Dad.


Dad: You know why I have confidence in Brian Gallant if New Brunswick faces a crisis?

Child: Why, Dad?

Dad: Look how nice his hair is — I’m sure he’s great in hairy situations!


Dad: Why couldn’t the New Brunswicker travel to Quebec?

Child: Why?

Dad: Because he wasn’t allowed on the French bus.


Dad: Do you think Brian Gallant got a haircut?

Child: It looks like he did.

Dad: Well to me it looks like he got them all cut.


Child: I don’t think Gallant is very bright.

Dad: Haven’t you noticed how he lights up a room?


Dad: Did I tell you the one about road construction in New Brunswick?

Child: I don’t think so.

Dad: That’s because I’m still working on it.


Dad: Did I tell you my joke about New Brunswick’s population?

Child: Ugh…nope.

Dad: Ah, never mind, it’s getting pretty old.


Dad: Hey, can you name the four seasons?

Child: That’s easy: spring, summer, fall and winter.

Dad: Wrong! There’s fishing season, deer season, moose season and duck season.


Child: Dad, why did you ever vote for Gallant?

Dad: I guess I was feeling a little Liberal with my vote, ha-ha.


Dad: What do the following have in common? Coffee, truck, gun, deer and David.

Child: I don’t know. What?

Dad: They’re Alwards. All words, Alwards, get it??

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