Guy whose profile pic, cover photo are guns probably wants to have reasonable discussion

Guy whose profile pic, cover photo are guns probably wants to have reasonable discussion

Moncton — Local gun nut Brad Yeomans most likely wants to have open and honest discourse on social media, a source reveals this morning.

“All signs may point to his being a right-wing crackpot, but actually he just aims to create a thoughtful, rational space for discourse on many subjects,” revealed our anonymous source. “Just ignore everything he shares and posts on social media and you might find he’s a smart, free-thinking individual.”

Anyone who has interacted with Yeomans online isn’t sure what to think.

“It’s hard to take his opinions seriously when his cover photo is like…a half-naked woman covered in magazines and clips or whatever you call them, and then his profile pic is his guns laid out in his sketchy basement,” said Facebook friend Andrew Meyer.

“He never shuts up about Bill C-71, and relates it to everything else in life. But sure, let’s talk openly and intelligently about abortion or fracking. Why not?”

Yeomans is active on Twitter as well. Or, at least, his many gun photos and memes are active there.

“He’ll get in arguments over health care or the environment. But then when you hover over his profile you see all this gun shit and realize he must be fucked in the head, so you take it with a grain of salt,” said Sherri Jessop, who follows Yeomans for sheer entertainment value. “I thought he must be ex-military or something, which would explain it a bit, but no — he’s just passionate about firearms and his right to bear them.

“It’s kind of weird for a Canadian to care so much about guns. I mean, just move to the States if that’s your whole identity, right? He tried to argue about vaccines with me the other day, and he never actually picked a side, just kept saying the opposite of what I said. Then I had to remind myself: look at his pictures. He’s not to be taken seriously.”

Our source, however, disagrees.

“Just because someone’s entire personality is based on weapons doesn’t mean their ideas and thoughts are to be discounted or less valued,” they told us. “Yeomans may have some important and interesting viewpoints to discuss, if you’ll only give him a chance.”

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