Hartland covered bridge to be replaced with modular bridge

Hartland covered bridge to be replaced with modular bridge

Hartland — The historic Hartland covered bridge is scheduled to be demolished this summer after several shingles blew off during a recent wind storm.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure announced that the cost of replacing the shingles was simply not in the budget, and that the entire bridge will need to be replaced with something cheaper and easier to maintain: a modular bridge.

The community of Hartland has demanded to know why the government has chosen to replace the entire bridge rather than simply replacing the dislodged shingles. Minister Bill Fraser visited the region to advise the public that the government had no other options.

“We found that the shingles that were installed are no longer being produced. We felt that it would be in bad taste for such a prestigious landmark to be protected with mismatched shingles.”

Fraser became defensive when members of the public suggested using similar shingles or replacing the entire roof as an alternative.

“Let me assure you that this government has done a fantastic job of removing covered bridges in this province,” he asserted. “No government has ever removed more covered bridges during their mandate than us.”

Tourism Minister John Ames also attempted to reassure the irritated crowd.

“Our goal is to protect the culture and heritage of the province,” Ames declared. “With that in mind, this site will be preserved as a monumental icon for the province and for the country. Our goal is to replace the covered bridge with something modern that reflects the identity of our unique province — cheap, easily and quickly thrown together, with an eye to convenience rather than the future. When completed, Hartland will be the home of the world’s longest modular bridge!”

The bridge has remained closed due to safety concerns and demolition is scheduled to begin in early July. The government has vowed to have the new bridge in place by September with an opening ceremony scheduled just weeks ahead of the provincial election.

  1. vickie kennedy May 30, 2018, 1:30 am

    Are you crazy, Hartland landmark is the covered bridge. It has brought millions of people through this little town for decades. Tearing it down and cutting profits will definitely kill the town tourism. Are you kidding me, adding a few stores to main street would bring back some life and character,

  2. Jeanette miller May 30, 2018, 7:47 am

    I can’t believe this is happening. Is this a joke??? This is NOT what you do.—-only here in NB do we NOT value our heritage. If you visit other countries you see the preservation of the icons of the past. And here we tear down and call it ” progress”. Shame on this government.

  3. Vickie Kennedy and Jeanette Miller? Please read this website and related articles on it. You are both freaking hilarious. This is a satire news site. You treating as fact and getting bent out shape over nothing. Ha ha ha.

  4. If they want to do somethinggood ?ebuild it


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