Hip Fredericton startup to offer personally tailored, synergistic, consumer-targeted omnichannels

Fredericton — Limitless vacation days, no dress code and a cubicle-free zone. Sound like a cool place to work? Sean Cameron seems to think so after joining the staff at Buzz’r Synermobile Media, or B.S. Media for short. The Fredericton-based tech company just launched a much-anticipated new product, which now allows them to exclusively offer omnichannels to their hungry, diverse and ever-growing user-base. Cameron was eager to share this news with The Manatee‘s news staff on Wednesday.

“It’s so cool to be part of something fresh in an entrepreneurial-driven city. It’s fun seeing a company at such an early stage and being able to influence it,” he said. “For example, during last week’s roundtable follow-up Google hangout, we advised our angel investor we spent the previous day deciding whether or not to remove the ‘e’ in the word Buzzer from all of our branding.

BSMEdia“We finally made the decision to remove the vowel at the following SCRUM meeting and we couldn’t be happier! And now to be able to say we’re finally ready to launch our omnichannel product in the same week? I’m almost without words!” exclaimed Cameron as he rolled up his skinny jeans, exposing 6 inches of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles socks.

When we asked Cameron if he could simply explain the problem his company is solving, he went on to say, “Well, if I had to sum my company up with 7 words, I’d have to say it’s a ‘socially connected, disruptive, geo-localized, custom-activating solution.’ And if I had to sum up all 7 of those words with one word, I’d have to say, ‘love.’ We essentially extract the meta tags from the API and repackage them into a user group, from which our user-base will synergistically transform into a usable (and targeted) omnichannel.”

When our reporters asked Cameron about the relaxed atmosphere and perks the company offers, he was unable to hide his zeal.

“Well for starters, our super-cool CEO doesn’t even read anyone’s resumé! He just invites you to the office, takes your resumé out, lights it on fire right in front of you, and then he looks at you dead in the eyes and says, ‘If you can make me laugh, you have the job.’ And then there is the unlimited vacation days. Our company hired a guy last spring and he still hasn’t come back from Halifax! How cool is that?”

B.S. Media is hoping to grow their team in early spring, so if being part of an exciting, embryonic tech company is something that sounds fun to you, make sure to pop by their office at Smoke’s Poutinerie on the corner of York and King any time after 11 a.m.


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