Illiterate Fredericton man upset that Harper camping in New Brunswick

Illiterate Fredericton man upset that Harper camping in New Brunswick

Fredericton — The Canadian prime minister is on the campaign trail in Fredericton today, and at least one illiterate resident thinks it’s irresponsible of him to be camping while trying to win an election.

“What’s Harper trying to prove?” asked an angry Peter Quinton. “Shouldn’t he be focussing on explaining his agendas and policies rather than relaxing?”

That question first arose for Quinton while he was looking at the pictures on the CBC website Monday morning and incorrectly read a headline stating that Harper was camping in Fredericton on Monday. The actual headline, found here, in fact stated that the prime minister would be campaigning with former MLA and Conservative candidate Keith Ashfield.

“He’s camping with Ashfield?” questioned the confused Quinton. “This whole thing seems pretty weird to me. Is this some attempt for him to win the gay vote?”

Our reporter tried to explain to Quinton that Harper isn’t planning on making s’mores and telling campfire stories with Ashfield and that he’s in fact in town to campaign for the upcoming election, but Quinton wouldn’t budge from his position.

“I know what I saw and I’m not letting the politicians talk their way out of this one,” he told our reporter. “Bottom line is that he’s probably using taxpayers’ money to pay for his campsite and wasting time cooking wieners over a fire when he should be running the country.”

The federal election is set for Oct. 15.

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