‘Joke simply not funny,’ reports man who once called Robin Williams overrated

‘Joke simply not funny,’ reports man who once called Robin Williams overrated

Prince Edward Island — A Charlottetown man who believes Robin Williams — one of the world’s most beloved comedians and entertainers — to be overrated has come down hard on a joke shared by a local comedian from his personal Facebook page.

The comedian, Jimmy Robertson of Summerside, yesterday posted a joke on Facebook and Twitter that read: “There are three rings in marriage: the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffer-ring!” The joke was widely shared and was well received by everyone — everyone except Greg Marks.

“Why can’t people stick to what they’re good at?” asked Marks, a tax professional at H&R Block who thinks Chris Rock’s “foul mouth detracts from his message.”

“Obviously this guy’s not funny and we shouldn’t encourage him by letting him trash the sacred institution of marriage.”

Marks, who recently wedded his high school sweetheart and currently has no reason to believe that marriage involves suffering, said that the joke was offensive. “While I normally enjoy humour, this is insensitive and crosses the line,” said the guy who disliked both the British and American versions of The Office. “Certainly it’s too soon, if nothing else.”

Our reporter spoke with Robertson, who said his joke was meant to be lighthearted and universally comical.

“But I guess a lot of people just spend their time on the Internet looking for reasons to feel moral outrage and getting other people on board with whatever indignant stance they take that day. I was just making a satirical jab at marriage — not to be taken seriously. Anyway, who’s this guy who thinks he’s the judge of what’s funny?”

When we informed Marks of the comedian’s comments, he appeared to become even more sanctimonious before our very eyes.

“There is better satire than this — he really missed the mark,” preached the guy who once said The Onion is “deeply unfunny.”

“Frankly, it had no humour to it at all,” continued the man who called George Carlin crass and has never heard of Richard Pryor.

“I hope Mr. Robertson takes the high ground and issues a public apology to all those he hurt,”¬†elaborated the person who seriously described Joan Rivers as “unladylike” and “shrill.”

“It’s the least he can do.”

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