Kevin Vickers heroically subdues Brian Gallant

Kevin Vickers heroically subdues Brian Gallant

Fredericton — Earlier today, former House of Commons sergeant-at-arms and Miramichi-native Kevin Vickers tackled Premier Brian Gallant and forcibly removed him from an invitation-only event after the premier made a scene and disrupted the proceedings.

Vickers, who was presented with the Star of Courage and the Order of New Brunswick for his role in stopping a gunman who stormed Parliament Hill in 2014, was the only person in the crowd to respond to the disturbance.

Eyewitnesses say the premier was acting erratically and shouting incoherently about recent polling numbers and policy decisions.

“He kept yelling about his TAB plan for free tuition, and how great it was, and how people just didn’t understand it, and how hard it is to be premier,” according to one attendee who wished to remain anonymous.

Another eyewitness reported hearing Vickers tell the premier to “get off my lawn,” before escorting him off the premises.

While nobody was injured, some criticized Vickers for “manhandling” the premier, while others say the amount of force was justified as Gallant was acting belligerently and may have elbowed somebody in the crowd during the confrontation.

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