Less than 12 hours left to contribute to Manatee co-founders’ doc

Less than 12 hours left to contribute to Manatee co-founders’ doc

New Brunswick — The Manatee co-founders Shauna Chase and Alex Vietinghoff are issuing one final plea for contributions to their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Beerocracy.

Chase and Vietinghoff, grovelling in the dirt in a massive clear-cut, said that they think Beerocracy has the potential to affect positive change in New Brunswick.

Beerocracy takes a look at the craft brewing industry here. We examine the economic potential, the potential for beer tourism, and the job-creation potential, but also what’s stopping the industry from getting to a point where it could be a boon to New Brunswick,” said Chase, turning out her empty pockets.

“We completed most of the filming, and now we need the funds to offset the costs of gas and travel, promotion, post-production, French translation, and much more — this is a completely independent documentary that has not (yet, hopefully) received any support from government grants or the like,” added Vietinghoff, wringing his hands pleadingly.

Aiming for a late-July or early-August release, Beerocracy will be feature-length and will have screenings across New Brunswick, Canada, and the world, with confirmed breweries that will be hosting VIP screenings (tickets available through the Indiegogo campaign).

The filmmakers already released Ciderocracy, a short doc about Red Rover Brewing Company, for free online, viewable below:

At press time Beerocracy  passed its $10,000 goal, but anyone can still contribute to get perks before midnight. The perks range from Beerocracy beer glasses to printed maps of New Brunswick brewery locations to official Manatee T-shirts. www.indiegogo.com/projects/beerocracy 

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