Liberal candidate Matt DeCourcey revealed to have been Premier Brian Gallant this entire time

Liberal candidate Matt DeCourcey revealed to have been Premier Brian Gallant this entire time

Fredericton — People in the capital city are in shock today after it was revealed last night that all this time Liberal candidate Matt DeCourcey has really been Premier Brian Gallant in a light disguise.

The revelation came after evidence gathered by online investigator Justin McKay was presented before city officials yesterday. McKay was able to create a very convincing case for the possibility that Gallant and DeCourcey were one and the same.

“At first it was only the name that struck me funny,” said McKay. “I mean, ‘Decourcey’ — is that even English? Then, once I started to look into it, strange similarities between him and Brian Gallant started to crop up.”

McKay told The Manatee that once he began to do some research on candidate, he found that there was no evidence of anybody by the name of Matthew DeCourcey prior to the year 2009, and that most of his social media could easily be linked to that of the premier.

“They share the same hairstyle, temperament, blood type… pretty weird, right? And just think — have you ever seen both of them in the same place? Other than that one time you’re thinking of right now. That… that was a trick.”

Gallant was confronted in his office on Sunday morning, and gave little resistance. And, sensing that the jig was up, he hung his head and confessed.

It remains uncertain whether the scandal will affect the Liberal Party’s standing in the polls this late in the campaign, as eager young voters have already cast their votes during the advance polling that took place last week. And many more will cast their votes today before the news spreads across the city.

“Yeah, it pisses me off,” said 28-year-old radio intern Caleb Grauman. “I finally go to the polls to vote, and it turns out that… that, you know… he wasn’t whatever, and now I look like an asshole on Facebook. It’s bullshit, man.”

The provincial government said that Gallant will not be brought up on charges of fraud, since they say that the deception “was all in good fun.” It may take some time, however, before the voters are willing to forgive the premier.

“I’m just going to have to try my best to move forward,” Gallant told reporters in a statement. “I know that the people of Fredericton care more about the real issues we face as a city than they do about who’s who or what’s what. I mean, we all know that Andy Scott was actually a tomato tied to a surfboard, but he was also the best damn politician that this city has ever seen.”

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