Listicle: 14 new Medicare card samples

Listicle: 14 new Medicare card samples

New Brunswick — For years the New Brunswick Medicare card has shown the iconic Elephant Rock from the Hopewell Rocks, seemingly so those in need of medical attention can be reminded that in spite of their current circumstances, New Brunswick is still a beautiful place to live.

But as was sadly reported yesterday, that majestic, elephant-shaped rock has fallen, leaving both the Bay of Fundy landscape and the future of New Brunswick’s Medicare card forever changed.

The Manatee has submitted the following ideas to the New Brunswick government in hopes of finding a suitable replacement.

  1. Maybe something that depicts one of New Brunswick’s other most visited locales? Like the giant axe in Nackawic.12674112_10207519563180828_1625462507_n
  2. Or the longest covered bridge in the world, located in Hartland.
  3. Or the unemployment office.
  4. Or, something that shows what our Medicare system is actually like? A crowded hospital room.
  5. A real elephant in memory of the the rock that crumbled to the ground?
  6. A more New Brunswicky animal, like this moose?
  7. Speaking of moose, how about one of New Brunswick’s favourite drinks?
  8. Or this favourite drink?
  9. Maybe we should depict other things that have crumbled in New Brunswick, such as these gluten-free cookies from the capital city’s famed Cedar Tree Café?
  10. Or another thing that crumbled — the Bernard Lord government.
  11. Other things that have collapsed in New Brunswick? The job market.
  12. We could do what New Brunswick does best: pander to the Irvings.
  13. This handsome face will make you forget that you even need Medicare.
  14. Or how about a design that represents something New Brunswickers do a lot of — get into car accidents.
  1. Or how about another one of New Brunswick’s famous landmarks….World’s Largest Maple Leaf?

  2. Stompin’ Tom Connors anyone?

  3. Couldn’t have used a cafe that is actually still open? Cedar tree shut down years ago.

  4. The axe at Nackawic might be the most appropriate, since that is what the Irvings would like to do to the government paying anything for most of us.

  5. Linda Davison. March 17, 2016, 8:45 pm

    Just leave it as it is.

  6. Why not a picturesque warf with lobster fishing boats?

  7. Sharon MacLeod March 18, 2016, 7:24 pm

    I think Cape Enrage would make a beautiful scenery on Medical care Card.

  8. Why not A picture of Cape Enrage It is Beautiful there.


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