Listicle: 8 totally New Brunswick pumpkin carving ideas

Listicle: 8 totally New Brunswick pumpkin carving ideas

New Brunswick — Happy Halloween from The Manatee! We want to help you celebrate in the best way possible and to do so, we’re sharing our favourite New Brunswick-themed pumpkin carvings.

1: The Moncton: Known primarily as the home of New Brunswick’s most beloved adult entertainment haunt, Angie’s, this pumpkin commemorates the Picture Province’s sexiest city.


2: The Miramichi: Only those from outside Miramichi will need this one explained to them, but it’s how to answer your E.I. claim.


3: The Weekender: You’d better believe that the beer is Alpine and the cigarette is a John Players! This pumpkin illustrates New Brunswick’s all-time favourite hobby — drinking and smoking.


4: The Saint John: Those from the Port City are experts in the culinary arts, so much so that they’ve perfected how to cook things with nothing more than a rusty spoon and a Bic lighter.


5: The Campbellton: We recommend that you look and don’t touch this one.


6: The Blaine Higgs: Want to show your love for the premier? No better way to do so than by showing your love to his keepers, the Irvings.


7: The PANB: This one is for everyone’s favourite pretend political party, the People’s Alliance. These heroes deserve a million pumpkins for getting us down to one licence plate and for doing the good work of trying to rid our bilingual province of the evils of the French language.


8: The Satire Magazine: Everyone’s favourite news source!

Happy Halloween, New Brunswick! If you have your own New Brunswick-themed pumpkin, share it with us in the comments section.

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