Kids must complete 10-step contact tracing process at each stop while trick-or-treating

Kids must complete 10-step contact tracing process at each stop while trick-or-treating

Fredericton — Halloween isn’t cancelled! The event of the year is on in New Brunswick’s capital city and today, Fredericton announced a number of precautionary measures to not only make the day safer for everyone, but to make it more fun for the children.

“Every kid loves doing paperwork, right?” asked Bruce Landry from city council. “Well, this year they’ll get to do loads of it with each house they visit to get a two-pack of Chicklets or a fun-sized candy bar.”

Landry listed the 10 pieces of information children will have to provide before they can receive candy from each house they visit.

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Day-time and night-time phone numbers
  • SIN
  • Direct deposit form
  • 3 references (2 personal and 1 professional)
  • Fingerprint
  • All social media passwords
  • Biggest fear in life
  • Deepest, darkest secret
  • Blood test

Landry admitted to The Manatee that at first this will seem like a lot of work for children, but he suggested that by the end of the evening, they’ll be well-versed enough to complete everything in under 20 minutes.

“You can’t tell me that 20 minutes of paperwork isn’t worth a homemade candy apple!”

Our reporter asked local residents whether they’d be allowing their children go door-to-door this Saturday evening.

“What’s the worst that can happen?” said Sherry Taylor from Fredericton’s south side. “One kid contracts the virus from a household, passes it onto each place they visit and every person they come in contact with. And then those people also pass it on to each person they interact with and so on and so forth and then before we know it, thousands of people have the virus and we have to lock everything down in the province for months on end?

“…That actually does sound pretty bad — I’m still gonna do it, though.”


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