Listicle: Top 10 New Brunswick Kijiji ads

Listicle: Top 10 New Brunswick Kijiji ads

New Brunswick — The winter winds are turning from cold to cool, the sun feels warmer and the first signs of spring are appearing across New Brunswick. Along with putting on shorts as soon as it hits 10 degrees above zero, another N.B. tradition is spring cleaning.

Soon, yard sales will spring up across the province, but for now the best place to find uniquely New Brunswick treasures is on Kijiji.

With that in mind, The Manatee presents the top 10 most remarkable Kijiji ads that we’ve spotted over the last 30 days or so.


2. Potatoe chip maker. Contact Dan Quayle.

3. Dinning table can defiantly be refurnished!

4. New 100% Lather Jacket.

4. Toilet – New in box.  Missing lid for tank.

5. And… FIGHT!

6. “Satilite reciever” – Lights up when turned on but gets really hot.

7. For sale: TV. Screen doesn’t work. Otherwise, no issues. Also for sale, clock that doesn’t tell time but otherwise no issues

8. For sale: One sterio, with 8 subway Fers. 2100 watt gigaboom!

9. IF WE CAN HELP YOU,, OPEN,,, for ,,. [ FREDGES DEEPFRESS ] ect ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;.

10. Ewww. “Looking for Models for a privet X-rated photo shoot”















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