Report: Beautiful Atlantic Canada is beautiful

Report: Beautiful Atlantic Canada is beautiful

Atlantic Canada — In a time when too many people waste their energy focusing on negative things like the economy, politics and current affairs, we at The Manatee want to do all we can to remind people that no matter how bad the “Negative Nancys” like Maclean’s Magazine, CBC and your Facebook friends might claim things are, it doesn’t matter because we live in such a beautiful area.

The Manatee has spoken with three local celebrities: a startup rockstar, a realtor and a would-be politician to highlight some of the most beautiful places and people in the Maritimes to brighten your day just a little more.

Jerome MacLean: Self-proclaimed as a “startup rockstar,” MacLean has helped many entrepreneurs launch their businesses in the Atlantic region thanks to his positive spirit, can-do attitude, and rugged good looks. MacLean is based out of Moncton, but often hops from city to city to grab a coffee with anyone looking for inspiration or affirmation. MacLean’s favourite place in the Maritimes? “Anywhere with long stretches of highway where I can really let go while riding my hog, that’s what I love. New Brunswick has so many roads like that, I can just drive for hours and hours and hours and hours and think about ways to help our business ecosystem explode!” said MacLean, an unabashed motorcycle enthusiast. “When I’m not peeling it on the asphalt, I like to get a tan while stretched out on the warm sands of Parlee Beach. It’s a real hot spot right now.”


Tammy Goguen: Goguen is a staple in the Halifax regional municipality, known for selling homes and looking good while doing it. Goguen’s quick rise to success and local fame can be attributed to her keen business sense and her outgoing personality. Her unforgettable slogan “I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer!” applies to more aspects of her life than selling luxury homes. Goguen takes advantage of her large social media following to pressure city councillors into launching beautification projects to increase the profile of parks, streets, neighbourhoods, anything in her real-estate territory. Her go-to hidden gem? “There’s a secret entrance to an exclusive club beneath the bent lamppost art display on the waterfront in Halifax,” confided Goguen with a sly wink. “If you’re important enough to know how to open it, you’ll be rewarded with entrance to the classiest bar with chic décor that changes every day, with cocktails made from only the finest Maritime alcohols.”


Bradley California: With a name like a supermodel (and the looks to boot), it’s no surprise that Bradley California made our  list. This fourth-year political science student at the University of New Brunswick has his steely eyed sights set on the top dog position in New Brunswick: N.B.’s new youngest premier in 2018. California, active in student politics, always has an important take on current affairs but invites civil discussion in the comments section of his long, almost poetic Facebook posts. Though the conversations can sometimes become heated, California is always quick to make everyone feel good about partaking thanks to well-timed links to positive articles. California’s go-to haunt is Fredericton’s lighthouse. “I can sit down and enjoy a pint, and almost every day a politician will happen by. I love to buy them a drink and discuss ways we could make New Brunswick even more of a hotspot for our young professionals. There is just so much to do and see!” bubbled California, his perfect white teeth gleaming in a brilliant smile. “I always end those interactions by proposing a toast — to many long years of prosperity in our beautiful region! How lucky we are!”

How lucky, indeed. If our readers are lucky enough to encounter one of these rising stars in Atlantic Canada, hang on to their every word. With a pond this big and picturesque, you only get to see dazzling big fish once in a lifetime!

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