Local grandmother injures self while rushing home to post on socials

Local grandmother injures self while rushing home to post on socials

Fredericton — In a tragic turn of events, a Fredericton-area grandmother finds herself in serious, but stable condition at the DECH this morning after suffering (according to herself) significant, but non-life-threatening injuries.

Sandra Phillips, a longtime Durham Ridge resident, suffered the injuries shortly after darting out of her granddaughter’s bungalow in a panic to post her most recent sentimental thoughts to her tens of Facebook followers.

Updating the world via — you guessed it — her “socials,” Sandy wants us all to know that she is “still not home but doin’ well.”

“The surface wounds are now healing, and the blood is finally starting to clot around the gash on my left knee. Confusion and disorientation seems to be fading, and my vision is slowly coming back to 20/40,” she wrote. “I have been extremely moody while dealing with the trauma to my brain, but Lester has been a godsend dealing with this traumatic event. Thank you all for the support through these toughest of times, and bless the hearts of the lucky ones who will never have to experience this pain.”

The Manatee was on scene earlier this morning and spoke to Dr. Collins, who has been monitoring Sandy since she was admitted after the accident.

“She is pretty much fine…we iced her ankle and put a couple of Band-Aids on her knee, and told her she could go home…but she refuses to go home. Someone please come take her home,” said the doctor as he packed up to end his shift.

“And someone needs to get that homeless man out of here…She brought him in after a smoke break, and keeps calling him Lester. We deal with him sneaking in here all the time…his name is Ron.”

A followup statement from the Public Relations Department at the DECH informed The Manatee that if she if not gone by the afternoon, they will be sending her home in a cab.

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