Local man uses peeling licence plates to distract wife during lockdown

Local man uses peeling licence plates to distract wife during lockdown

Saint John — An exhausted and annoyed husband has convinced his wife that Service NB licence plates are actually a scratch-n-win game brought to you by Atlantic Lottery.

Harold Trane of Saint John came up with the idea for the new contest in the Tim Hortons drive-thru when the vehicle in front of him had one of the infamous peeling plates. When Harold got home he told his wife Marjorie about the scratch-n-win plates and all the prizes that could be won.

Harold explained that he grew tired of his wife “finding things for him to do” during the lockdown.

“I was looking forward to relaxing at home during the pandemic, but instead I was put to work! In the first few weeks I’d already finished all the household projects I’ve been putting off for years!”

Fearing that she would find more for him to do, Harold said he knew he had to come up with something to preoccupy his wife.

“I needed a break!” he exclaimed. “I couldn’t take it anymore!”

Harold tells us that his wife Marjorie is an avid gambler and misses her lottery games. “I used to at least have Tuesday and Thursday nights to myself, but now TV bingo isn’t even on.

“So once I told her about the plates, she got right to work on all the neighbours’ cars,” he recalled, a huge smile crossing his face. “I could finally relax and get some peace and quiet.”

The neighbours have tried to instruct Marjorie to get away from their vehicles, but due to the six-feet social distancing rules, they can’t get close enough to tell her.

“My wife’s hard of hearing!” Harold laughed. “She’s out there scratching all day and I have the house to myself — it’s great!”

Some of the neighbours have called Harold on the phone to come get his wife, but he just ignores them. “They’ll get a new plate, no problem, when service NB finally opens up again,” he told us with a shrug.

Harold’s wife has been scratching plates every day since learning about the new contest, hoping for a big payout. Unfortunately, to her disappointment, she has yet to win anything.

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