Man running outside in snowstorm likes being miserable, ridiculous

Man running outside in snowstorm likes being miserable, ridiculous

Quispamsis — Robert Frost once said, “You can’t get too much winter in the winter,” — words not lost on a Kennebecasis Valley man jogging outside in the middle of today’s nor’easter snowstorm.

A self-described “all-weather runner” on his Facebook profile, the abominable athlete says that “a little snow” will not keep him from running around outside in awful winter weather.

“I’m training for an Ironman competition in July, so I can’t miss a single day of training,” said local fool Robert Patin. “I have a GoodLife membership and I could use the treadmills on a day like today, but I have to run in ‘real-world conditions’ or it doesn’t count.

“I actually think it’s crazy to want to stay indoors on a day like today,” said Patin without a hint of irony. “People think I’m a little nuts to be out here hoofing it on unplowed streets in zero-visibility weather, but I love it I gotta tell you… or at least I want to tell you about it, and anyone else who will listen.”

Patin is a tireless promoter of what he calls the “running lifestyle.” “I always post a snow-covered selfie with my frozen sneakers when I get back home…just to see what people will say,” he said. “Most people don’t say anything at all, but I get big reactions from a couple of people! It’s priceless.”

Patin says he is well aware of the dangers of running outside during snowstorms. “One time, I was jogging in a storm and a snowplow approaching from behind didn’t see me. I had to jump out of the way, and I slipped on some ice and twisted my ankle. I think I scared that plow driver to death — he knew he almost killed me. And, I was laid up for two weeks recovering from that injury.

“But, hey…those things are going to happen. There’s literally nothing you can do to avoid those kinds of situations,” Patin irrationally concluded.

  1. Cyclists having fun in Fredericton, too. Be faster to walk, but no, they gotta get out there with their 18 speed, skinny tired bikes and try to maneuver this mess. -_-


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