Man upset with girlfriend, changes profile picture back to truck

Man upset with girlfriend, changes profile picture back to truck

Sussex — Jake Carruthers’s patience had been wearing thin, but Friday came the straw that broke the camel’s back. The 33-year-old Sussex resident made the bold move to change his profile picture back to a photo of his beloved 2008 Ford F-150. He made the decision after his girlfriend, Jessica, refused to go to Chase the Ace with him.

Carruthers had used the Ford F-150 as his profile picture for three years before he met Jessica, and even claims it helped him lure her in on Tinder.

“Look, I love her, but enough is enough. All the other guys in town go to Chase the Ace at the Legion every Friday night with their wives and girlfriends, so how come Jessica can’t join me? You know who always joins me? My truck. I think that’s all you need to hear right there.”

Jessica says she’s tired of hearing about Chase the Ace every weekend.

“Every goddamn weekend it’s Chase the Ace this, Chase the Ace that, ‘Terry almost got it last weekend’ and blah blah blah, I’m sick of it. He spends all our extra cash on Chase the Ace and rum n’ cokes at the Legion. Some Friday nights I just want to stay home and watch House Hunters. Is that so bad?”

When asked how she feels about Jake changing his profile picture from a couple photo back to his Ford F-150, Jessica says she’ll get over it.

“Honestly, I couldn’t care less. If he wants people to think he’s a Transformer, he can go right ahead. I’ve been chasing that ace for long enough.”

The Sussex Legion Chase the Ace pot now stands at an estimated $40,000, the equivalent of about four 2008 pre-owned Ford F-150s.

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