Man wears Wildcats jersey to legislature, speaker bans all Monctonians

Man wears Wildcats jersey to legislature, speaker bans all Monctonians

Fredericton — All residents of Moncton have been banned from the New Brunswick legislature after a man was found wearing a Wildcats jersey in the public gallery during the last question period.

Christian Léger, 34, was ushered off the property by the sergeant-at-arms after House Speaker Chris Collins deemed the jersey “participating in the debate with the intention of distracting Saint John and Bathurst MLAs.”

The cities of Moncton, Saint John and Bathurst are all home to QMJHL hockey teams.

“I didn’t make this decision flippantly,” explained Collins after question period. “I’m from Moncton myself, but I have to look out for the feelings of all members. I could see the tears welling in Brian Kenny’s eyes.”

Kenny is the MLA for Bathurst. Their team, Le Titan, was eliminated from playoffs last week, while the Saint John Seadogs and Moncton Wildcats move on to quarter-finals.

Léger was told to go back to Moncton and tell everyone they are not welcome at the legislature until they “learn their lesson.”

“I don’t know what the lesson is,” said Léger, 30 metres from the premises.

We asked Collins if he felt banning individuals over a shirt was childish.

“No! What are you implying? You’re mean!” The House Speaker promptly stomped away from the media, slammed the door to his office and said he was never coming out. Ever.

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