Maybe guy who installed your pool knows more than scientists about COVID

Maybe guy who installed your pool knows more than scientists about COVID

Fredericton — This past Thanksgiving weekend, reports circulated that suggested COVID-19 can live on surfaces such as bank notes for up to 28 days, which caused stress for many who were willing to believe the scientific research.

Thankfully though, those stresses were quickly abolished for most when a guy who installs pools for a living took to Facebook and proclaimed the report to be “bs.”

“My stomach just started turning when I read the initial scientific report,” admitted Brenda Desiree of Fredericton’s north side. “But luckily, I’m Facebook friends with the guy I hired to install my pool and I noticed he shared that report with a caption that read ‘Pure bs’ which made me feel totally fine again.”

The Manatee pressed Desiree on what exactly this pool boy said in order to calm the fears she initially felt after reading the findings from the scientific study.

“Well, he was just so confident about it, “she explained. “Didn’t add any pointless context, didn’t cite any fancy articles or science to back his claim — just assertively and confidently posted that it was pure bs. He wouldn’t use the word ‘pure’ if he wasn’t sure of it, obviously.”

Our reporter asked Desiree if she believes it may be more responsible to listen to professionals about this deadly virus.

“Oh, he IS a professional! He did a great job on my pool and was so friendly to deal with!”

We attempted to get an interview with this pool installer, but he refused to speak by phone or video, saying he would only interview in person, without a mask, because “this whole thing is pure bs.”

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