McDonald’s employee seeks help finding pet mouse

Fredericton — Gregory Sterling, a 20-year-old St. Thomas University student, is reaching out to the public in the hopes of locating his pet mouse Coffee Bean. “I’m going crazy looking for her,” said the worried Sterling. “She’s been missing for almost a week now and I’m starting to think that I’ll never see her again.”

Sterling hasn’t seen his pet since Sunday afternoon. “Last I saw her she was cuddling up on my work uniform when I was making lunch before my shift,” he said. Sterling left for his shift at the McDonald’s on Prospect Street in Fredericton at 5 p.m., and when he arrived back at his dorm room in Harrington Hall, his beloved Coffee Bean was nowhere to be found. “I tore the place apart looking for her, and couldn’t find her anywhere. She’s normally so excited to see me when I get home, waiting on my bed or sleeping in a shirt pocket or something. She loves sleeping in shirt pockets; it’s like a little hammock for her.”

The Manatee asked Sterling how he came up with the name Coffee Bean. “It’s the weirdest thing, she just loves coffee beans. I got her from Pets Unlimited, and right when we got back to my place she just started gnawing away at some beans I had on my counter. She practically named herself.”

Sterling is urgently pleading for the public’s help in finding his pet. “Please, if you see her, bring her home to me. She’s all I have, really; I’m a student with no family or even friends here — just Coffee Bean.”

If you have seen Coffee Bean or have any information about her whereabouts, please contact The Manatee.

  1. I think I know what happened to poor poor coffee bean…

  2. Someone totally sent a photo of a mouse in a coffee cup from Freddy McDonalds on my FB feed. It was in the past week, I am so sorry about the pet but I am not sure it survived. Also, I am not sure if this story is true or if it is satire spawned from local viral news so, while I feel obligated to pass on this information, I do so with a grain of salt knowing that I could have fallen into a “trap” of sorts for naive and ignorant people. I would rather do the right thing and be wrong than not over to fear of embarrassment any day of the week! It’s a little suspect the mouse was named Coffee Bean.

    • the manatee is all satire 🙂
      The Manatee is a satirical news site offering fictional, critical observations of popular culture and current events. It is intended to be humorous with a harsh dose of reality. Any interview subjects’ resemblance to a member of the public not in the public eye is purely coincidental and should not be taken seriously.

    • Hahahahahaha.

  3. I would not at all be surprised to hear that this a joke related to the “mouse in coffee cup” prank/5 minute of fame attention seeker! Brilliant!

  4. Next year McDonalds plan to change the promotional game from Monopoly to Mouse Trap. Just sayin…


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