Miramichi dad still rocking 'brick maze' screensaver

Miramichi — Upon visiting his parents in Miramichi over Thanksgiving weekend, Daniel Fullerton learned his father Weldon Fullerton was, in fact, still utilizing the brick maze screensaver. The screensaver, made popular with the beta version of Windows 95, features a first-person perspective of someone travelling throughout a once-realistic-looking brick-walled labyrinth.

Daniel, now 30 years old, was shocked to realize the off-white-coloured Tandy computer his parents bought at Miramichi’s Radioland in 1994 was still in use. Upon shaking the mouse, a vintage version of Netscape Navigator was revealed, with 75 percent of the screen comprised of toolbars, with AskJeeves.com being used as a homepage.

“I don’t give a Jesus about no fancy new computer, I just need it to check my lotto numbers on Wednesday nights,” Weldon told The Manatee’s news staff late Friday.

Sadly, Daniel spent the remainder of the holiday weekend troubleshooting a high-speed NB Tel VIBE modem and had no time to visit with his Miramichi-born friends.



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