Miramichi man rolls rim, wins Burger King’s shredded documents

Miramichi — Frank Juster received much more than he bargained for after rolling up the rim of his Tim Hortons coffee Monday morning.

“I thought It was a typo at first,” he said, showing the rim to reporters.

The rim, like the 48 million other winners, had the words “WIN/GAGNEZ” printed over a yellow tint. However, unlike the cups that award the customer a coffee/cafe, it read “1 (888) 601-1616 CALL NOW,” and provided no other information as to what his prize would be.

“After reading it over, I started getting a little excited, you see,” said Juster. “I thought that maybe I had won the car. So I called them right up on my cellphone to claim it.”

According to Juster, the line went directly to Tim Hortons’ customer service, where he told the service woman what was written on the rim.

“She went deathly quiet for a moment, then said ‘please hold,’ and I was patched through to another line. A man’s voice answered — ‘yes?,’ and I said ‘I … uh, I got this odd message on the rim of my cup and …’ He then cut me off, saying ‘Address?’ I told him, and he said ‘Understood,’ then he hung up. It was the strangest thing,” said Juster.

Juster and his wife Merrell waited patiently by the phone, but, after a full day without word from the company, they decided to forget about the prize, assuming the whole experience had been a misunderstanding. “I’ve never won anything more than a donut, so I thought there was no way we could win a car, of all things,” said Merrell. “So we just let it go.”

Mrs. Juster was correct: Frank did not win one of 50 Toyota Camrys. But nothing could prepare him for what did drive into his front yard at 6 a.m. on Wednesday.

“We were woken by this awful racket just outside our bedroom window. So I rushed out of bed, threw on my coat, and went out to see this massive dump truck pouring hundreds of shredded documents on my lawn. I starting yelling at the driver, you know, ‘STOP! STOP!’ As soon as he saw me he quickly pulled out of my driveway. I remember him shouting ‘Congratulations!’ as he sped away.”

The Justers sorted through the documents as best they could, trying to find a message or clue of some kind as to why they had received all the papers. “There seem to be tax papers, receipts, employee records and everything in this pile,” Frank said, grabbing a handful of the shredded paper. “They all have the same Burger King logo. I can’t make heads or tales of it.”

Mark Pfeiffer, A representative of the Burger King corporation, recently denied the existence of these documents in a video press release. “No such documents exist in our corporation. Go ahead and search our buildings. There’s nothing there,” he said, winking to somebody off-camera.

  1. Soo… whats the rest of the story? Call Tim’s back and find out what is going on?


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