Moncton considers craft beer festival on the Bell Aliant Tower

Moncton considers craft beer festival on the Bell Aliant Tower

Moncton — After news broke this week about Fredericton submitting a proposal for a craft beer festival on the Bill Thorpe walking bridge, Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold knew she had to respond with something just as cool and hip, if not more dangerous.

“I read about the Fredericton event and thought, damn, we should do something like that, but way more extreme. So, I looked around Moncton and saw our beautiful, majestic Bell Aliant Tower overlooking the city. That was my eureka! moment.”

The Fredericton event already has eight breweries signed up and are hoping to get at least six more. There will also be food vendors along the bridge. Mayor Arnold says that number seems a little ambitious for the Tower, but she hopes to have at least four breweries and one food vendor at the top.

“We’re going to place restrictions on the capacity of people allowed to go up at once, obviously, but will have several brew stations on the different platforms at the top. We’re thinking of adding a rappelling option for the more extreme craft beer drinkers out there, as long as it’s not too windy.”

Arnold said there would be a shawarma stand at the very top for those with an appetite, on a first-come, first-served basis.

The mayor mentioned that for those who do not want to rappel, it should be noted that the elevator from the bottom to the top would take about 30 minutes and accommodates a maximum of four attendees — so be sure to arrive early.

“This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss. We can easily one-up Fredericton if all goes well. Also, think of how nice the view would be while enjoying a cold one. What could go wrong?”

The event is hoping to be scheduled sometime at the end of July. Pre-sale of rappelling harnesses will begin in the upcoming weeks to gauge interest levels.

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