Moncton environmental group opposes turning field where people bring hookers into parking lot where people will bring hookers

Moncton environmental group opposes turning field where people bring hookers into parking lot where people will bring hookers

Moncton — An environmental group in Moncton is fighting the city’s decision to turn an empty sports field into a paved parking lot, saying the area would lose one of its most important spaces for discreet, late-night encounters with local prostitutes.

Heritage Developments Limited, the company that bought the former Moncton High School football field last summer, is planning to convert it into a more easily accessible late-night hookup spot with 559 available spaces — but is currently butting heads with conservationists at the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance, who say the field is already well suited for the sex trade.

“We understand residents’ desire to keep as much green space in the city as possible,” said one city official, who asked to remain nameless. “I get it, when you bring a sex worker to a dimly lit, isolated area, you really just want to look at some trees and grass, instead of the depraved sexual acts being performed on you that make you realize what a monster you are and that nobody will ever really love you.

“But we have to look at sustainability from an urban planning standpoint,” he added.

The land was previously zoned for “community use,” which includes sporting activities like amateur soccer tournaments, the yearly Highland Games, and late-night trading of money for sexual services.

The field used to be part of Hall’s Creek salt marsh, the Watershed Alliance said, but the near-constant flow of sex trafficking has earned it the title of “wetlands” for other reasons.

“This space next to Moncton High is part of the city’s heritage — if we’re saving the school, we should also work to preserve the memories of all the teenagers over the years who lost their virginity in cars on that very lot, many of whom would grow up to become the hookers, pimps and Johns who keep the local economy going.”

The Alliance is also worried about the increased risk of flooding that would come with paving over the lot, warning that a sudden surge of water would bring wave after wave of used condoms into the city centre.

“This could be a disaster on par with the great Highfield Square parking lot sinkhole of 2011, triggered one night by the force of too many cars rocking vigorously back and forth.”

  1. moncton should have a red light district and safe injection sites these people r human being and although most residents in moncton treat these people with no respect ,no compasion,and sometimes go out of there way to give an insult the person can here or maybe dont give them good sevice maybe skip them in line ,we were all born the same and for whatever reasons some are great according to the so called norms of socity and some are on the outskirts and are only understood by those of us who have been there.rite now its scary how many homeless there are in moncton ,too many the most ever going into winter ,,not enough affordable housing ,the city tore down i dont know how many rooming houses and left them people out in the cold without an address mno roof and all of a d=sudden no welfare cheque cause they need an address or they cant get one ,cant go to the hospital they will make u wife was in there this spirng and i had nowhere to stay at the time and one night i thought id just stay outside and rest i was in a wheelchair anyways with a broken kl=leg c=recovering from surgery i had at the demont.but at 9 pm i went to go back intio the hospital and they said no they were closed and they watched me as i waited outside for maybe an hour there was nobody around i wasnt bothering anyone and out they come five security gaurds and the head nurse as she interduced her self as anyways.they said what r u doing here and i told them and she said well u cant stay here or will will call the cops and charge you with loirting and then said and leave that wheel chair here ..i couldnt even walk with crutchs as i had a broken arn too.but theres an example of being treated like a seconsd class citizen and i could tell 100 ,more stories ,,everybody deserves a chance and a boost sometimesif u see something about safe injection sites give them a like or leave a comment .its much better than people trying to get there fix out in the open and leaving there gear behind old neddles and sucj=h


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