Moncton family to ‘staycation’ at Bass Pro Shops

Moncton family to ‘staycation’ at Bass Pro Shops

Dieppe — A Moncton family has cancelled their many camping reservations for this summer, and intend instead to enjoy a fun-filled week-long adventure at the Bass Pro Shops store in Dieppe, N.B.

“With risk of coronavirus, we don’t want to take our chances going out of province,” said mother of two Gail Lemon.

“They have everything you could need there. Camping equipment, clothes, food — plenty of entertainment and leisure activities. Even just the fish tank is pretty cool to see. I don’t know why more people don’t do this, especially now that the government will reimburse 20 per cent!”

The Lemons estimate that even with the government rebate, it will cost about the same to camp for a week at Bass Pro as it would several weekends at real campgrounds across the continent.

“At first I thought it might be cheaper because it’s practically in our backyard, but when you factor in all the hats, fishing rods, shirts, neat doormats, and Yeti gear I’m bound to buy…might just break even,” said Lemon’s husband Ralph.

Ralph added that he spends hours in the store on a regular basis anyway, so the employees know him, and “won’t think anything of” the whole family bunking there for a few nights.

“It’s the least they can do, what with all the money I’ve blown there. We won’t disrupt anyone and will clean up after ourselves, and we’ll keep our bonfires as contained as possible,” he explained. “The kids know to be quiet during store hours and not scare customers away.

“We’ve warned them that if they’re not good, next summer we’re camping at Cabela’s — now that’ll keep ’em in line!”

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