New Brunswick vigilantes block Quebec border ahead of construction holiday

New Brunswick vigilantes block Quebec border ahead of construction holiday

Edmundston — A group of vigilantes from across New Brunswick have travelled to the Quebec border to obstruct border crossings as much as possible. The movement began just ahead of the two-week Quebec Construction Holiday when many Quebecers travel to the Maritimes for vacation.

The group grew rapidly after news of the upcoming holiday was shared on Facebook with hundreds of New Brunswickers answering the call to make sure that no Quebecers are entering New Brunswick during their holiday.

New Brunswick RCMP Commander Larry Tremblay announced that no action would be taken against the mob at this time. “They have the right to assemble and they are worried about their province. We have a tough task ahead of us and honestly having extra hands helping out could be an asset.”

Tremblay clarified that the RCMP will be on site to make sure things remain civil but will allow the group to question and refuse anybody attempting to enter the province. The RCMP will intervene if things become unruly.

Montreal resident Jacques Gauthier expressed his concern. “If I’m able to get past the official border screening, then I shouldn’t be stopped by some mob that simply wants to keep me from visiting the province. I could have a perfectly good reason to be in New Brunswick. I don’t, but that’s not their business!”

Shediac resident Julien Leblanc was very upset at the prospect of the province being overwhelmed by Quebec tourists. “Every year they come here and it’s a disaster. They make a mess, they’re disrespectful, they act like they own the place. Well no more! We’re not putting up with another two weeks of Quebecers this year.”

Jonathan Steeves of Moncton had similar concerns. “We dread this every year. Quebecers flood our city, they can’t drive, they cut us off in traffic and yell obscenities. We can’t tolerate this anymore and I’m glad to see people stand up against it!”

When The Manatee asked what impact the current pandemic had on everybody’s decision to block the Quebec border, our reporters were met with shrugs and confusion. “I guess if it helps us keep them out then sure, use that as a reason, but really we want to do this every year until they stop coming, or begin to smarten up.”

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