Moncton garbage-sorting program moving to 12 bags

Moncton garbage-sorting program moving to 12 bags

Moncton — After the successful launch of the simple new 3-bag system, Moncton’s Southeast eco360 announced this morning that, beginning Dec. 1, they will be expanding the program to go beyond just 3 bags, up to 12 coloured bags for disposing of various types of waste.

Each specific kind of waste will be sorted into the following colours:

  • Solid Black: Any cassettes or CDs from the disco era
  • Undyed Blue: Recyclable plastics and glass but none that are breakable
  • Purple: Exclusively for unused Barney toys
  • Ernest Pearl: Anything that doesn’t fit into any other category
  • All Clear: Green-coloured leaves only. Non-green leaves in the bag will prevent it from being picked up
  • Natural Red: All disposable clothing that could be recycled as pet attire
  • New Tone Brown: Human and pet waste products such as cat litter and Donald Trump
  • Olive Maroon: Personal care and hygiene products such as shampoo bottles and nose-hair trimmings
  • Yellow: Recyclable food items such as bread crusts, and the fat cut off of steak
  • Indigo: All items to be donated to a local charity
  • Nice Bright Orange: Disposable hunting supplies like vests, gloves, and bazookas
  • Green: Non-salvageable leftover food items such as liver and fruitcake

Leonard Betts of eco360 told The Manatee in an exclusive interview that, “This new sorting program is going to change the way we think about what we throw away. It’s time to stop thinking of garbage as what we get rid of, and thinking of it as something we should work on.”

Betts expressed frustration over Monctonians’ apparent lack of enthusiasm over garbage, but said the 12-bag program should simplify things.

“Like the 3-bag program, the pickup schedule for these bags will vary as well,” he explained. “Green, Black, Yellow and Brown will be picked up every second week except in March, July and October when it’s picked up every week. Blue, Red, Maroon and Ernest Pearl will only be picked up every third week of any month with 30 days. Clear bags will be picked up every week if there are no clouds in the sky, and Orange, Pink and Purple will be picked up on the second Tuesday of every month ending in the letter ‘y’.”

  1. The bag for donations to charity is actually a good idea.


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