Woman concerned Halloween unfairly pressures pizza, corn to be sexy

Woman concerned Halloween unfairly pressures pizza, corn to be sexy

Halifax — A Halifax woman has noticed the intense pressure put on foods, celebrities, fictional characters, inanimate objects and animals to be sexy for the Halloween season, and she’s taken to social media to air her concerns.

Tracy Baldwin, 37, began posting ridiculous images of “sexy corn,” “sexy pizza,” “sexy Scooby-Doo” and even “sexy Donald Trump” on her Facebook timeline this morning in an attempt to show just how unfair it is for the costume industry and Halloween in general to sexualize these defenseless objects.

“What kind of message are we sending to pizza if we parade around in a risqué costume version of it? Is it not delicious enough as it is? Does food really need to be made sexy?

“And poor Donald Trump — we take the least sexy person alive, and tart up his image for our own gain. Exploiting an innocent man’s fame for a cheap thrill. We should be ashamed of ourselves.”

Baldwin says she feels especially bad for corn, a wholesome staple of the North American diet. “I think we’ve all done enough to soil the image of corn, what with documentaries exposing its supposed lack of nutritional value, to spreading rumours about humans being unable to digest it at all.

“People are just taking it too far,” she said, shaking her head. “Last year at a party someone was dressed as a sexy corn kernel in a stool. I think the poop was fake, but still.”

Baldwin wondered aloud about the message this sort of exploitation sends to children. “We’re basically telling them it’s A-OK to go out in public as sexy broccoli or pineapples or tomatoes, aren’t we? Why should they listen next time we tell them to eat their vegetables, if to them veggies are synonymous with sex??”

As for her own costume, Baldwin plans to dress simply as a “sexy woman.”

“I’m going to wear a short skirt, show a lot of cleavage, wear my stilettos, tons of makeup — the whole nine yards,” she said, visibly excited. “I don’t think women mind being sexualized… or at least they’re used to it at this point.”

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