Moncton man opposed to fluoride in water

Moncton man opposed to fluoride in water

Moncton — Moncton city council is delaying the decision on whether to add fluoride back into the city’s drinking water for at least one month, or until adequate research can be conducted.

Mayor Dawn Arnold mediated Monday night’s heated council meeting, where citizens were divided on the issue; Monctonians arguing in favour of fluoridation say it reduces cavities in children, and those against it claim there is a lack of information on fluoride’s long-term effects.

Hub City local Donny Morrison falls squarely into the latter group.

“I don’t see no need to waste money on that toxic stuff,” said Morrison at the meeting, before taking a long pull from his flask. “Personally, I don’t drink water — especially city water — and it’s because we haven’t the foggiest clue what will happen 10, 20, 50 years from now. Heck, it could make all yer teeth fall out!”

Five years ago a similar debate led to Moncton council voting to remove fluoride from public water. At the time, fluoridating the water cost about $100,000.

Morrison, who hasn’t sought dental care since Richard Hatfield was premier, said he does not trust doctors, scientists or specialists of any kind, as they are all out to “rob you blind.”

“Those fat-cat dentists would just love for us to put their product in water and for us to foot the bill,” spat the 77-year-old. “Last time I went to a dentist they tried to get me to pay for dentures. Do I look like I need fake teeth?!”

A member of the pro-fluoride group stood up to make a contradicting point, but Morrison quickly interjected.

“I know my rights!” he blurted, expelling a brown sludge-like substance through one of the many gaps in his scowl.

  1. Can you guy’s create an “About” section on your website? You have a persisting problem of people taking your journalism as truth, not realizing it’s satire.

  2. Lol. But really tho why do we need fluoride…. thats a silly satirical example that leads away narrow minds from facts. Its not proven internationally by even dentists let alone scientists or over time analysis to prevent tooth rot their stats are imaginative and there is many factors they dont consider to teeth rot obviously when they say take 100k fluoride and slam it in turtle creek.. Fluoride for sure if i drink 100mg in a sitting will eat my stomach, scientifically but if i consume 1l with .7mg fluoride daily over time what happens to my stomach? 🙂 ulcers. Anyways with your lack of ambition to know anything or get skills this would be the satirical opinion, i think a funnier article is how the fuck dentists are qualified to analysis such pools of data? Thats my area of expertise and id love to see it lmao. KNOWledge is power not ignorance and religion


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