Moncton resident mistaken for unattended old bag at airport

Moncton — Although all news reports concerning Friday’s bomb scare at the St. John’s International Airport have stated that nobody was harmed, the media has yet to consider the true victim of the so-called “threat”: 58-year-old Moncton resident Monica Duguay, who was mistakenly identified by local authorities as an “unattended old bag.”

Duguay said that this trip was a way to finally use up all the vacation days she had saved over the years working as an administrative assistant for Atlantic Business Forms, and visit her sister in Corner Brook. Her plans came to a rude and unexpected halt after she was confiscated by airport security under suspicion of being a bomb, causing the airport to shut-down all operations for almost 3 hours.

“I think it’s incredibly offensive that just because I am an unmarried woman on the cusp of old age, I would be considered a threat to security,” said Duguay.

The airport has denied all allegations of sexism, stating that they were just following the regulations that are set in place for potential bomb threats.

“It’s just our policy,” said Neil Pittiman, chairman of the airport’s board of directors in a press conference on Saturday. “I didn’t invent it. All I know is that when we see an unattended old bag here in the airport, we need to take immediate action.”

Duguay says that she remains unconvinced, and told Manatee reporters that she will be pursuing legal action. “I think that this is absolutely an issue of gender,” said Duguay.

She did, however, say that this event had reminded her of a much happier incident from her youth, when she caused a local disco bar to call an exterminator, because they thought that “someone had let a fox into the building.”


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