Moonshine Creek partners with Greco to create Donair Liqueur

Moonshine Creek partners with Greco to create Donair Liqueur

Waterville — Moonshine Creek Distillery in Waterville, N.B. made headlines this month after joining forces with Ganong to bring Chicken Bones Liqueur to market. The first run of the sweet seasonal beverage flew off the shelves, inspiring a second batch. Now, the distillery has also partnered with Greco to create a uniquely Atlantic Canadian tasting experience.

“The popularity of the Ganong Chicken Bones Liqueur got us thinking about other favourite Maritime treats we could turn into booze,” said Moonshine Creek Distillery co-founder Jeremiah Clark. “Everyone loves donairs. This’ll be kind of like combining drinking and the post-drinking snack into one — except now there’s no need to drunk-dial Greco at the end of the night!”

Clark took us on a tour of the distillery, and explained his process.

“To develop the recipe I took a couple half-pound donairs, chucked them in a food processor, and sampled it. Mmm, it was smooth and savoury! From there I added or subtracted different levels of donair meat, onions, tomatoes, pita and so on until I had the perfect blend,” he said.

“It tastes just like liquid donair! We didn’t want to just simulate the flavour, so we melted down actual Greco donairs with donair sauce and blended with our corn whiskey to make a liqueur. Just make sure to shake it before you drink it — there may be chunks of meat floating around otherwise. Not that that would be a bad thing!”

Clark said the distillery reached out to Greco, who were “more or less” on board.

“I called up Greco, and the person on the other end said ‘Sure, go for it, I don’t care.’ They sounded like they were about 15 years old, but I figured, why question a good thing?”

New Brunswickers are excited to try the new liqueur.

“I’m actually getting my wisdom teeth out pretty soon, so it’s great timing — I won’t have to blend my food or just survive on McDonald’s milkshakes while I’m recuperating,” said Patricia Warren of Saint John. “Donair liqueur for supper, Chicken Bones for dessert — I’ll be wasted for most of December, but then again, who isn’t?!”

“I loved their dill pickle moonshine; I don’t see the donair as much of a stretch,” said Boiestown native Jerry Munn. “And I hope they don’t stop there — I’d like to get my hands on a poutine moonshine, or maybe a dulse liqueur, or possibly garlic fingers ‘shine, or maybe a one of those Timmies ‘Beyond Meat’ sandwich things could be turned into some kinda booze for the wife — ’cause she’s a vegan.”

Anyone who wants to try the Donair Liqueur can purchase it at any NB Liquor location, or by calling 310-3030.


  1. Now this is some top shelf satire! Good job.

  2. Jerry is actually from Doaktown.

  3. How about fiddlehead liqueur come springtime??? I’d buy it!


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