NB Blue Jays fan wasn’t protesting, just didn’t like his beer

NB Blue Jays fan wasn’t protesting, just didn’t like his beer

Toronto — It was a chaotic scene last night at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, where the Blue Jays advanced to the American League Championship Series in dramatic fashion. And one New Brunswicker was inadvertently caught up in the controversy when fans started to protest the game after a questionable call in the 7th inning.

“I just didn’t like my beer,” said Blaine Hunt, who travelled from Miramichi to watch the game with a few of his friends. “I didn’t mind the call at all — it was the right call. I just bought a Canadian from the beer vendor because they didn’t have any Alpine of course, and it was gross so just by reflex I threw it down onto the field. Next thing I know I’ve got some security guard leading me out of the park.”

Hunt was escorted outside before he was able to witness the comeback by the Blue Jays capped off by superstar slugger José Bautista.

The controversy began when Jays catcher Russell Martin went to throw the ball to his pitcher in the top of the 7th inning, and it struck the batter’s bat and allowed a run to score. Irate fans at the Rogers Centre began littering the field with beer cans and other trash, causing security officials to eject any fans taking part. Hunt swears he wasn’t trying to protest the call.

“I only drink Alpine, just like most New Brunswickers,” he told our reporter. “I went 7 innings without any beer and then I broke down and tried something different. I paid over 10 bucks for that garbage, and the moment it hit my lips I was revolted. Obviously in hindsight I should’ve just spit it back into the cup and thrown that in the garbage — I regret my actions and I wish I could have seen the end of the game.”

Security officials told The Manatee that Hunt’s situation was not isolated and that other alleged protesters were also giving excuses as to why they threw their beer onto the field.

“We can’t afford to give everyone the benefit of the doubt,” explained Brock Johnson, a security guard at last night’s big game. “We heard it all last night: ‘I didn’t like the beer,’ ‘I thought the field was on fire,’ ‘I was aiming for Harper.’ Everyone had some stupid reason, and this case was no different — we did what we had to do.”

The Manatee asked Hunt whether he learned from his mistake. “You’re right I did,” he asserted. “I’ll never settle for anything other than Alpine ever again.”

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