NB man claims face of Brian Gallant can be seen in double-double

NB man claims face of Brian Gallant can be seen in double-double

Marysville — When Lyle Morris of Marysville, N.B. sat down for his coffee and breakfast sandwich Wednesday morning, he was in for a handsome surprise.

“I seen it, I tell ya,” said Morris of the apparition that was as clear as day on the surface of his double-double. “I did a double-take but sure enough, there it was — our premier in my coffee. I’m not superstitious or religious or Liberal or nothin’ but that’s one face ya never forget.”

After impressing the other Tims customers with the creamy, sugary miracle, Morris quickly called The Daily Gleaner as well as CBC New Brunswick because he knew a story combining Tim Hortons and Premier Gallant would be like crack to them.

“Nothing warms the heart or sells papers like a good story where a doddering old person sees something divine in an everyday object,” gushed local reporter Jack Krandall who turned up to interview Morris. “If it happens to take place at Tim Hortons? Jeez — now that is miraculous!”

The premier’s office will not make an official statement on the validity of the face in the coffee, but an aide for Gallant has made it clear that Morris and other believers will not be discouraged.

“Who are we to trample a man’s convictions?” asked Gallant’s assistant Fran Marks. “If he wants to see something beautiful, chiselled and perfectly symmetrical in a paper cup of watery, burnt coffee…well, where’s the harm in that?”

The tepid Tims is being placed in a display case for all believers to witness first-hand any time they visit the Marysville Tim Hortons.

“I feel honoured just to work here,” said the employee who poured the hot cup of hot premier. “Something wonderful like this happening really makes what we do worthwhile.”

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