NB’ers sympathize with Trudeau: ‘Being racist doesn’t mean you’re racist’

NB’ers sympathize with Trudeau: ‘Being racist doesn’t mean you’re racist’

Fredericton — Day nine of the federal election campaign saw Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in full damage-control mode after after a photo came to light Wednesday evening: in 2001 at a Vancouver high school dance — the theme being “Arabian Nights” — Trudeau dressed as Aladdin, painting his face brown.

Furthermore, on Wednesday night during Trudeau’s “apology,” he was asked if there was any other time he had done something like this, to which he admitted to once wearing blackface in a high school talent show.

And then on Thursday, a video from the ’90s emerged, showing Trudeau in not only black-face, but also with his arms and legs painted black.

The online backlash has been relentless, with Canadians from coast to coast expressing their disappointment and outrage. This morning, polls indicated that Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives have jumped ahead of the incumbent Liberals by a couple of percentage points.

However, the embattled Liberals surged in the polls in at least one region: New Brunswick. Up until the news broke of Trudeau’s brownface and blackface costumes, the Liberals were actually trailing behind the Conservatives in the Maritime province.

Trudeau had spent Wednesday campaigning in New Brunswick, holding rallies in Fredericton, Salisbury and Moncton — to lukewarm receptions — but now (white) New Brunswickers seem to be more enthralled than ever by Trudeau and the prospect of his having a second go as prime minister.

“I didn’t think he [Trudeau] was anything like Andrew Scheer,” said Steven Travis of Miramichi. “I thought, geez, if we wanna get things right, get our pipelines and get our jobs back from the foreigners, we gotta vote for change…but now I’m thinkin’ maybe we should just stick with what we have. Maybe I misjudged JT.”

Julie Kingston of Saint John seemed to also be having second thoughts.

“Trudeau seemed so perfect: the hair, the jawline, the teeth. Only snobs have teeth! But now I kinda see myself in him, y’know? Because, I mean, c’mon, we all make mistakes? We all have our little racist slipups now and then. Don’t mean you’re racist, right?”

And speaking of racism…

“Look, I’m not racist but,” said Trevor Gallant of Fredericton, “but all these immigrants are way too sensitive. They’re in our country so what right do they have to be mad? Why get your panties all up in a bunch over some harmless Halloween costumes?

“I’m glad this stuff came out about Justin. I always pegged him as some fruity socialist-justin-warrior snowflake but this shows he’s not just another lib-tard stereotype. He’s one of us good ole boys. A guy I’d have a beer with.”

The 43rd general election will be held on Monday, Oct. 21, and while Canadians are anxious about the results, what we’re really all wondering is…what will Justin be for Halloween this year?

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