New ‘orangeface’ picture of Trudeau emerges

New ‘orangeface’ picture of Trudeau emerges

Ottawa — Just days after “brownface” and “blackface” pictures emerged causing a political firestorm in the Trudeau campaign, a new photo of the prime minister in controversial makeup has emerged.

This time, the relatively recent photo depicts Trudeau wearing orange makeup on his face with a ridiculous blondish wig covering his hair. The photo was taken outside the West Wing of the White House in the summer of 2016.

“You have to remember the timing to understand the context,” said a source who took this photo and spoke with The Manatee on the condition of anonymity. “This was back during the last presidential campaign when Hillary was ahead in the polls and most people thought Trump would never become the president in a million years.

“Mr. Trudeau was making a state visit to D.C. and decided to ‘troll’ President Obama,” confided the source. “When the prime minister arrived at the White House, he emerged from his vehicle in full-on Trump makeup. He started laughing like an imbecile before starting in on this half-baked impression of Trump, which I heard that he practised in the mirror for literally hours.

“Trudeau said, ‘Ah, hello there President Obama!’ in this mocking Trump voice. ‘Get ready to move outta here because I’m here to make America great again!’ And then he doubled over laughing hysterically until the tears were streaming down his face. Thank God there were no press there!”

“I just remember President Obama smiling at him uncomfortably until Trudeau recovered, and then saying ‘Um, okay Justin you got me…we’ve got to do this all over again.’ Obama then instructed his staff to make sure all photos of the greeting were erased.”

When asked today about the photo, Trudeau was contrite. “In the past whenever I wanted to get a big laugh, I’ve put on face makeup and a costume. I see now that this was a huge blind spot for me, and it is wrong.”

Then Trudeau started his Trump impression, “I’m sorry, I just wanted to make America great ag–”

“OH MY GOD STOP IT!” screamed an unnamed staffer.

  1. my thoughts are he should step down as our pm, he is suppose to set an example not mock people

  2. LoL!!! That picture is a freaking riot!!

  3. Please craft a rainbow of Memes for this Pratt. May I suggest “The Blueman Group” next? 🙂

  4. Boo boo Badowski December 7, 2019, 12:47 pm

    No one ever reads the disclaimer, it’s all alone at the bottom of the page. It’s like the warning on a package of smokes or the manual which clearly shows the reset button on President Gumps left ear. Push the button people……..push the button.


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