NBers take a break from overeating and drinking to indulge at Indulge Fest

St. Andrews — After a summer full of barbecues, beer and bacon, New Brunswickers took a well-earned break at Indulge Food and Wine Festival in St. Andrews this weekend. Main Street was packed with the chocolate-stained faces of people from all over the province stumbling from shop to shop. A pie-eating contest held in the market square drew the attention of residents and tourists alike, all cheering for the indulger they thought could scarf down a family-sized pastry the quickest without choking, willfully oblivious to the ambulance looming around the corner.

“It was so cool to see someone literally inhale a pie,” gushed 12-year-old onlooker Blake Matthews. “My dad said that if I get enough practice, I can compete next year. My mom promised me a whole pie every day now,” he said, claiming a contestant’s stray crumb to keep as a memento of the event.

The more refined crowd was drawn to the wine tour, gliding from station to station and trying not to spill the vintage nectar on their clothing — the latest fall lineup from H&M.

The Clarke family was visiting from Rexton and staying at the Algonquin Resort. They eagerly tore into the feast offered at the Kingsbrae Garden.

“Yes, the Atlantic region may be one of the most obese in Canada, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t relax every once in a while,” said Alistair Clarke II, using the tablecloth as his bib. “It’s a matter of portion size. I know my limits, and this trunk can carry quite a bit more luggage now that winter is coming,” he guffawed, poking his belly with his fork and  washing down his bratwurst with another pint of Pumphouse blueberry ale.

Event organizers say this year was a huge success, with more than 2,000 New Brunswick residents having no choice but to use the next belt hole after the weekend’s festivities. Plans are already in motion to expand next year’s event, with rumours that deep-fried sea salt fudge will be offered to everyone attending as they enter the picturesque town by the sea.

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